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As a regular columnist and a past editor of this journal, a CRC Press publication, I offer this web page as a point of reference for information regarding the Journal of Information Systems Security. Below you will find links to pages that describe how to submit an article. A link is also provided to permit you to subscribe to the Journal. (ISC) is now the sponsoring and editorial group.

 Article Submission Guidelines

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Article Submission Guidelines

Submitted articles should conform to the following guidelines:

Have a subject relevant to information security. We are especially interested in case studies, product comparisons (but not commercials!), "how to" articles, applications of new information security technology, public policy debates, and academic papers with clear relationships to business applications (i.e., applied research). Our readership is primarily information security practitioners and other information systems control professionals.

Be in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) format. Note that artwork may need to be separated and in a different format. At this time, only black-and-white and gray-scale artwork is used in our journal.

Be double-spaced of a length of between 20 to 30 pages. Please have illustrations, pictures, or other figures as separate pages. Do not use bit maps. Artwork should be in a separate file preferably in EPS format. Contact us for specific details on artwork, as we will work with you on this.

Be factually accurate, or, where you are espousing an opinion, clearly associate yourself with the opinion. You are responsible for the accuracy of any research on which you rely. We will not knowingly publish any articles that appear to defame or create other cause for legal action. We reserve the right to edit any submitted article for format, style, or length without further permission.

Be original or have all copyright releases available, i.e., the author must have the authority to release the article to us for publication. (Authors will be required to sign a contract confirming such authorization.)